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Have you ever tried to upload or email a photo only to have it rejected or...
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ImageXY allows you to resize all your photos quickly and easily with the click of a button. Drag & drop your images directly into ImageXY from wherever you keep them and select how you want them's that simple.
Will ImageXY let me:
- resize jpg, gif, png, psd and pdf's?
- resize 100's of photos at once?
- create my own presets for certain image sizes?
- scale photos to a certain %?
- resize 1,000's of photos at once?
- drag photos directly in from iPhoto?
- resize images directly from the internet?
- resize images so I can quickly email them?
- drag in a folder and have it magically find all the images within it?
- resize 10,000's of photos at once?
- use ImageXY blindfolded with one hand tied behind my back?
- Can my Mom use ImageXY to resize photos without having to call me for help?The answer to all these questions is YES!!!
Sharing is loving
Why not give ImageXY as a gift to your family and friends so they never again have to suffer trying to email or upload photos that are too big.
We love your feedback:
Please email us or tweet (@imagexy) with any questions or issues you may have we are always happy to help.

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