ImageExifEditor 5.1

Change the metadata that your camera automatically adds to photographs.

ImageExifEditor is intended to change the metadata that your camera automatically adds to photographs. This way, it lets you preserve your privacy by hiding from others such info as the original date and place a given picture was taken. The application supports multiple file types, including JPEG, PNG, DXV, CR2, CRW, MRS, TIFF, DNG, NEF, PEF, SR2, SRW, ORF, PGF, RAF, EPS, XMP, GIF, PSD, TGA, BMP and JP2.

The tool has a straightforward interface and supports many ways by which Exif data can be modified. Luckily, it allows editing batches of pictures, which saves a lot of time and effort. This includes renaming your files based on patterns. In this respect, it is excellent that it supports searching for a given string in the Exif data corresponding to a group of images and replacing it with another. It is also good that you can save a photograph’s Exif data by exporting to external CVS or EDU files. Besides, cloning Exif data from one picture to others is very easy.

Besides, there are very friendly built-in geolocation features. You can actually see a pin at the exact spot on the map where the photo was shot. Thus, by dragging the pin to another location, you can simulate your picture was taken somewhere else. Likewise, it is possible to enter GPS values directly.

Regrettably, ImageExifEditor also has shortcomings. For instance, its geolocation feature may fail to work properly. Likewise, there is too little feedback on the success of the Exif editing operations.

All in all, ImageExifEditor is recommended if you need to share your photos but do not want others to access the real Exif data. Similarly, it may serve to correct wrong data or to organize your pictures better. Unfortunately, there is no trial version of this product, which is available from the Mac Store.

Pedro Castro
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  • Supports multiple picture types
  • Allows searching and replacing strings
  • Supports batch editing and renaming
  • Intuitive geolocation features
  • Allows cloning and exporting Exif data


  • Geolocation features may fail to work properly
  • Too little feedback on the success of your operations
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