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iMacsoft iPhone to Mac Transfer 1.0

iMacsoft iPhone to Mac Transfer allows you to backup your iPhone.
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iMacsoft iPhone to Mac Transfer allows you to back up your iPhone. It can be used to copy the contents of your iPhone back to your Mac. This becomes useful when you have to reinstall Mac OS X, or you somehow lose your iTunes library. This application shows all the contents of your iPhone, including music, movies, books, ringtones, voice memos, photos, SMSs, contacts, etc.

The first window that is shown when you launch the application is the Music window. Here, you are shown all the songs that are store on your iPhone. You can use the search feature if you have too many songs, too, which is a nice feature. You can copy songs by checking the checkbox next to them and then clicking on the third button from the left (at the top, the one that reads "export checked files to local"). Or you can simply use the check all button to backup your entire library.

I noticed two problems with this app. First, I wasn't able to play songs directly from the application without copying them to my Mac. Second, the Camera window showed all the pictures on my phone, but didn't show snapshots of them, so if you only want to save a few, you just can't do it accurately. You would have to back them all up and then select them in Finder.

José Fernández
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  • It detected iPhone and I was able to copy everything back to my hard drive


  • I couldn't play songs without copying them
  • No snapshots for pictures
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