iLove Browser Cleaner 2.1

Cleans caches, cookies, and extensions that slows down your browser.
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iLove Browser Cleaner is a simple application that keeps your browser clean and healthy. It identifies caches, cookies, and extensions that slows down your browser and offers to remove them for a better and faster online searching experience.

The utility is very easy to manage. Without any Preferences to tailor, it displays all functions conveniently on the main window. Unfortunately, the program is limited to work only with Chrome and Firefox, which makes it rather useless if you frequently use another Internet browser. However, if one of the above-mentioned is your favorite, the tool scans it automatically and showcases the size taken by caches, the cookies that clutter your browser, and the extensions that where installed with or without your permission. For a thorough identification of cookies, the app notifies you that the browser needs to be closed. Then, it displays them by name and expiring date so you can perform a custom selection of cookies to delete. The same happens with the extensions that come organized by name, status, and size.

These cleaning operations can also be performed from your browser Preferences, yet the procedure is more complicated and rather difficult to be enabled by inexperienced users. Therefore, an application like iLove Browser Cleaner can be an easier and a more convenient alternative for an enhanced browsing experience.

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  • Cleans browser of cookies, cache files, and extensions
  • Displays the total size taken by caches
  • Can make a custom selections of cookies and extensions to remove


  • Supports only Chrome and Firefox
  • Doesn't display cache files individually



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