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iLock password-protects any OS X application from unauthorized usage without modifying anything in your system settings and/or applications.
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iLock is a simple yet useful tool that prevents other users from accessing specific applications without your authorization. This way, each time you are away from your computer, the program will keep the protected apps safely locked, not letting anyone open them unless they know the password.

The utility opens up with a small wizard, which informs you about the logical steps to follow in using the program. First, you need to configure a secure combination of keys that will protect selected apps from unauthorized usage. The next window displays the apps that will be protected by default. Obviously, you may want customize this list. You can do that by either dragging new programs onto the panel or deleting the items you don't want to protect anymore.

For fast launching, you may set a hotkey that will open the program instantly. A smart feature provided by this utility refers to the ability to close all the protected apps automatically when your computer wakes up from sleep mode. This way, the confidential apps left running when leaving the computer will become idle and inaccessible for prying eyes. Furthermore, you can set the program to take a photo whenever the unlocking password has been mistyped. In addition, the tool keeps a record with all the failed attempts to launch the protected apps.

iLock is a good and reliable tool designed to keep specific apps undisclosed. Yet, I consider that you should enable it only when leaving your computer unattended. Otherwise, typing the password repeatedly to launch frequently used apps may become annoying. I don't have any complaints about this program. However, I would have liked the area of protection to be expanded to include confidential files too, not just installed apps. In addition, I consider that the possibility of launching the protected apps from within iLock would be appropriate and helpful.

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  • Easy to use
  • Protects private apps
  • History of all failed attempts to unlock specific apps
  • Locks protected apps when the computer wakes up from sleep mode


  • Can't launch protected apps from within iLock
  • Doesn't protect non-app files


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