iGPS 2.3

Backup, restore and transfer your Garmin GPS waypoints and routes.
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iGPS enables you to backup, restore and transfer your Garmin GPS waypoints and routes.
Use iGPS to do a complete backup of every waypoint and route stored in your Garmin GPS including data that can only be recovered from a complete backup.
Restore any waypoint or route that has been deleted, inadvertently changed, corrupted or otherwise lost. You can select a specific route or waypoint to recover or all waypoints and routes.
Transfer waypoints and routes to a different Garmin GPS. All data conversion is done automatically when you transfer waypoints and routes to another GPS.
Merge waypoints and routes on your GPS with data from another Garmin GPS.
Export waypoints and routes in GPX format, including depth and waypoint comments, and use your data with other software, with Garmin devices that have no serial connector or with non-Garmin GPS hardware.
iGPS works with any Garmin GPS or chartplotter that has a serial interface.



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