iGPS 2.3

A backup utility for Garmin GPS waypoints and routes
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iGPS is for backing up and restoring Garmin GPS waypoints and routes.
Waypoint and route records contain more data than just the information displayed on the GPS screen. iGPS creates a back up file on your Mac containing a complete copy of every waypoint and route record stored in your GPS.

Backing up waypoints and routes enables you to restore your GPS data to its original state. You can recover all of your data at once or restore a specific waypoint or route.

iGPS can be used to transfer waypoints and routes to other Garmin GPS devices. If you restore your waypoints and routes to a different device, any necessary data conversion is done automatically.

You can create as many back up files as needed which allows you to save different GPS configurations. You can also merge the existing waypoints and routes in your GPS with data from another GPS by restoring selected waypoints or routes using a back up of the other device.

Export your waypoints and routes, including depth and waypoint comments, in GPX format for use with other software.

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