iForgot 1.4

iForgot is an app that lets you control your Mac remotely.
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Largemouth Software, LLC

iForgot is an app that lets you control your Mac remotely. The app uses e-mail and iChat to let you remotely send commands to your Mac. You can either send an e-mail that the application will interpret as a command, or send an iChat message. There is support for custom commands, and good security measures in place to prevent unauthorized usage.

The first things that you have to setup are the e-mail address of the host computer and the e-mail address the commands will be sent from. If you plan on using iChat, you have to type in your account details as well. Once that is done, the app should be able to recognize commands sent on e-mail addresses. To send a command you have to use the following syntax: ifgt cm XXX, where XXX is your command. So, say you wanted to launch iPhoto. You would need to send the command "ifgt cm ip". This is an example provided by the developer.

iForgot can access your iSight camera to take photos. This is a nice security feature for remote surveillance.

In my testing, I wasn't able to get iForgot to respond to anything. I played with the settings a bit, and I just couldn't figure out a way. I was using Snow Leopard, so it might be a compatibility problem. In any case, the interface could use some more help for beginner users like myself to be able to figure out how to setup this application.

José Fernández
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  • Very customizable
  • Support for e-mail and iChat commands
  • Custom commands


  • I couldn't get it to work
  • It could use some more help
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