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Free IC-Switch is a helper utility for Internet Configuration.
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IC-Switch is a helper utility for Internet Config (hence the "IC" in its name), for Mac OS X only. It allows you to change quickly and easily your default emailer, FTP client, news and RSS readers and Web browser, simply by choosing an item from a menu displayed in all applications.
- Change the default application for a protocol (email, FTP, news, RSS or Web) in one click, from a "status item" menu displayed at all times on the right side of the menubar. Changes take effect immediately.
- Manage the presence and the contents of each submenu (Email, FTP, News, RSS and Web), adding and removing any application you want.
- Launch or reveal in the Finder an application by selecting it in the menu with a modifier key pressed down.
- Choose the icon to display in the menubar.
- Option to launch IC-Switch automatically at startup.
- IC-Switch comes with English, Japanese (thanks to E-WA) and French localizations.
- IC-Switch is a small background Cocoa application that talks to Internet Config. It only consumes a few resources when you edit the menus, and nothing the rest of the time.
- Also, IC-Switch doesn't have to run permanently; you can launch it when you need it, and the menu will then be installed. When you're done, you can select the "Quit IC-Switch" menu item: the application will then quit and the menu will be removed.

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