IBM ViaVoice

IBM ViaVoice 3.0

Get a speech voice dictation software.

IBM ViaVoice for Mac OS X brings natural, continuous speech voice dictation to Apple's Mac OS X. Optimized to work with this cutting-edge UNIX-based operating system, IBM ViaVoice for Mac OS X brings a new level of accuracy and ease-of-use to voice recognition on the Apple Macintosh computer platform. All aspects of Mac OS X, including Command Center and re-designed Voice Center, use the Aqua OS X look and feel. Mac OS X Edition is also optimized for use with G4 and multiprocessors. Support is also available for specialized vocabularies such as legal and medical.
What's new in this version:
This download is intended as an update for ViaVoice for Mac OS X Edition and ViaVoice for Mac Simply Dictation and is only suitable for installation on Mac OS 10.2.2. This download is not intended for use with any other operating systems or IBM ViaVoice products. Fixed issue related to audio quality at 22kHz, by recording at 44kHz. This improves recognition accuracy as well as text playback in 10.2.2. Note : Applies to VV3 and Simply Dictation running under Mac OS 10.2.2 Speakpad - F...

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