iBackup 7.6

This app lets you back up and restore user data from your Mac.
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iBackup is a program designed to help you back up and restore data on your Mac. Besides allowing you create copies of your private documents and folders, this application also enables you to back up system preferences, third-party app data, iPhoto records, and many others.

Before creating any backups of your files, you need to select a destination folder on your Mac. Afterwards, you can choose the documents and directories you wish to back up and the program will do the rest.

Hence, you can easily get the job done, even if you're an average computer user. What's more, the application comes with simple-to-configure settings and a very intuitive interface.

My only concern regarding this program is the fact that when you click on the Plugins button from the Preferences menu, it displays an error message. The plugins would be useful when it comes to backing up the data of several third-party apps.

Cutting a long story short, my belief is that you can find better solutions for backing up the data from your Mac. Programs that allow you to back up files and folders to cloud service accounts prove to be more effective and come with reasonable prices.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Intuitive interface
  • Fast processing speed
  • Available in many languages
  • Free


  • Displays an error message when clicking Plugins button in Preferences menu
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