HuePaint 4.5

Create digital paintings that simulate oil on canvas or paper.
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HuePaint is intended for the creation of digital painting. In this respect, the tool can simulate the results you get when you use oil to paint on canvas or paper. Likewise, it comes with a varied array of brushes. The app is not so difficult to use; still, you can get some help online. By the way, what the developer calls tutorials provide very poor information and do not deserve the name.

The application’s interface has no hidden features. Luckily, you can turn it into a full-screen canvas so nothing steps in your way. You should be aware that in this mode, even the left-side toolbar disappears to provide you with extra space, but you can always get it back by scrolling inward from near the canvas edge.

A great part in determining how realistic your painting looks is played by the type of canvas or paper you choose. Besides, there are sliders to adjust depth and visibility. In this regard, your brush strokes interact with the texture to create interesting results. Surprisingly, changing the type of canvas after you have already started painting does not affect whatever you have previously done. Thus, it interacts with subsequent strokes only.

Most users consider, and I agree with them, that color is definitely the best thing about this app. Luckily, there is an impressive palette of beautiful colors that you can combine to create bright results. Likewise, you can pick different brushes, like Tie-Dye Brush, Hue Brush, Shaded Brush and Standard Brush. Other available tools are the Smudge and the Eraser.

Good to hear that your work is automatically saved between sessions. Once you have done with your painting, you can export it to the app’s native file format, which is only supported by Norbyte applications. However, this does not mean you cannot share your paintings with other tools, as exporting them to popular formats, such as JPEG and PNG, is also allowed. Luckily, it lets you directly upload them to the Cloud or send them by email.

All in all, HuePaint really creates realistic results, although much will depend on your artistic skills. A free version of this product is available from the Mac Store. Still, many of its best features need to be acquire via in-app purchases, which could increase its final price significantly. Regrettably, this application may leave unwanted traces behind after being uninstalled.

Pedro Castro
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  • Produces realistic results
  • Various types of canvas and papers
  • An extensive palette of bright colors
  • Multiple brushes
  • Full-screen painting
  • Shares your results via other apps
  • Changing canvas type does not change your previous work


  • Poor help documentation
  • May leave unwanted traces behind
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