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HTML to ePub 2.1

Convert webpages (HTML and HTM) into ePub to view them on various devices.
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HTML to ePub could not have a more descriptive name, as that is what it precisely does: converting webpages into the ePub format. This way, you can have the advantages of reading your favorite contents on various portable devices. The application is extremely simple to use, you just need to create a list of the HTML files to convert, choose an output path and start the conversion. In addition, you can check the Merge option to combine all pages into a single publication.

HTML to ePub has the advantage of not requiring any additional product on your computer. Besides, it can process a long list of pages in one go. However, it does have some drawbacks. For instance, it does not seem to support drag-and-drop operations. Besides, once you have created your list, it is impossible to change the order of the documents, which may be important if you are merging various source files.

To conclude, there is one word to describe HTML to ePub: simple. It is certainly not very sophisticated; for example, there are other converters which can work with a broader range of formats. In this regard, I feel the price is excessive as you could get more from cheaper and even free products.

Pedro Castro
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  • Easy operation
  • Supports merging various source files
  • No need of a third-party application
  • Batch conversion


  • Limited range of formats
  • Does not allow changing the order of the loaded files
  • Does not support drag-and-drop
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