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Solitaire Epic is a solitaire game that runs on Mac, Windows and Linux. The game features three different game modes, which vary in difficulty. The simplest one, for example, is as simple as matching the cards that you see on the board with other cards. This is perhaps even easier than the Solitaire that you get in Windows.

The Windows solitaire is of the Klondike type, which is said to be the most popular kind. It is available in this pack as well, and it looks great. In this mode, you have to move all the cards to the 4 containers on the top in order from Ace to King. This can prove difficult at times, but most times it is relatively easy. For each mode, you get two assists: hint and undo. They are very self-explanatory and they can help when you get stuck.

When I installed Solitaire Epic and played it for the first time, it went into Full-screen mode, and I didn't quite like that. Thankfully, however, you can disable that and run the game in windowed mode.

The graphics are quite nice and the game seems responsive all the time.

José Fernández
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