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For professional photographers and illustrators or anyone with an image library, searchLynx allows to put your image catalog on the Web with a fast, flexible, and searchable online image database. Visitors can search for images by entering their own words or by using pull down menus created from your keyword lists. Search results can be stored in personalized lightboxes for later retrieval. It is frequently used by stock agencies and photographers
Remote Commands - Using remote commands sent via any browser you can reset preferences or design aspects of searchLynx and have a hit report to see what visitors have been looking for and when.
Lightboxes - Researchers can save selections from a lighbox and then pass the URL on to others. There are unlimited lightboxes for every site visitor.
Query Processing - The researcher can send you an inquiry about the images. The inquiry is processed in a file that links with StockView and helps to process and track incoming image inquiries.
Integration - searchLynx fully integrates with HindSight's others business programs, StockView and InView, so you can use the same database in your office and on the Web. Our products can run virtually all aspects of any service business. All together HindSight offers by far the most fully integrated suite for all business tasks including pricing, finances, word proceesing, contact management, image editing, captioning and library management, etc.
HindSight Ltd. has produced a growing family of business and image management software for professional photographers since 1985. The company's flagship products, InView & StockView, are used daily by professionals in over 20 countries.
HindSight is well known for supporting its products and provides free support forums for all HindSight products.
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