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HideMe VPN is powered by new generation VPN technology, super fast, easy to use, and offers unlimited free trial. HideMe VPN works on all platforms including Android, iOS, Mac and Windows. Super fast VPN connection speed you never experienced. Streaming Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer. Strong VPN encryption technology, hide ip address, remaining anonymous. Protect your privacy, no one can track your geolocation. Unblock restricted sites: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix and much more. Unblock VOIP: Skype. No registration needed. One click VPN connection, no VPN setup needed. Unlimited VPN bandwidth. Unblockable VPN, great in China and Mid East where traditional VPN has been blocked. VPN in 11 regions: US VPN, UK VPN, CA (Canada) VPN, FR (France) VPN, DE (Germany) VPN, NL (Netherlands) VPN, JP (Japan) VPN, HK (Hong Kong) VPN, MY (Malaysia) VPN, SG (Singpore) VPN, ZH (China) VPN.
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Quick bug fixes.

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