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A tool that will make your LastPass information portable.
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LastPass Pocket is a very useful piece of software that will help you carry the data that you save on LastPass on a USB memory stick with you. Although this is a stand-alone application, you will need to have a LastPass account in order to be able to successfully use it.

For those of you who haven't used it yet, LastPass is a great online password manager that will make your web browsing experience safer and easier.

LastPass Pocket offers a very intuitive working environment that makes the program easy to operate for every type of user, from computer experts to those who are just learning the ropes. All the functions of the application can be easily found and understood so that its users will not get confused while using it.

With LastPass Pocket you will be able to create a virtually endless database of passwords, accounts and other log-in information, thus ensuring that you will never run the risk of forgetting them. The program encrypts your data so that it will only be accessible to the people who know the master password.

Summing up, the program is a very advantageous tool to have at your disposal. Instead of having to remember all your user names, passwords and the sites that they work for, you will only need to memorize a single master password; furthermore, with this application you are now able to access your private information even when you are on the road or away from your computer.

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  • Unrestricted access to your data
  • Encryption protection
  • Easy to use


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