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HDRtist is a new Mac HDR photography tool from Ohanaware. HDRtist is easy to...
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HDRtist is a new Mac HDR photography tool from Ohanaware. HDRtist is easy to use HDR software, that creates HDR photos and tone maps them in a single step. An intuitive design makes it simple to choose from our 4 different tone mapping techniques. Even if you're not into HDR photography, HDRtist is a great tool to have for dramatizing dull photos, livening dark photos and boosting sunsets! We've included some HDR tutorials to help you get started with the amazing world of HDR photography. HDR Photography is a relatively new type of photography. It involves capturing multiple photos at different exposures, then using software to combine these exposures into a single High Dynamic Range Image. Tone mapping is then required to compress the tones of the image into a range that the computer can display. The reason for this is simple, the High Dynamic Range Image contains far more detail in the highlights and shadows, these can then be used to create an image closer to what the human eye can see, or to create punchy dramatic images.

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