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With HDR projects photo you have a powerful creative tool that helps bring your photography ideas to life.
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With HDR projects photo you have a powerful creative tool that helps bring your photography ideas to life. High Dynamic Range Photography does not necessarily mean garish colors and psychedelic images. Good HDR shows the world as it really is and releases expressive emotions. HDR projects photo casts delicate, expressive worlds of light, even with black and white photography. Emotion: From a single picture: With HDR projects photo you can design impressive HDR images from a single photograph. You can add great expression to your portraits. Furthermore, the fascinating worlds of animal or sports photography with their fast movements are now open to you. HDR projects photo provides you with many creative filters for expressive portraits. The contrast of the source image is too hard and has a green color fault. With the sepia tones and glamour glow effects, you can create a new style that will amaze your models. The well-structured user interface offers full HDR functionality, effective presets and a large variety of high-quality creative filters. Therefore, you do not need any additional image editing tools. HDR projects photo is the HDR photo editing software for the ambitious photographer. The natural look of your HDR images is the main focus! Automatic HDR from exposure bracketing: With HDR projects photo you can use up to nine single pictures from an exposure bracketing to create a true 32-bit HDR image. HDR projects photo automatically sorts your single images and displays them inside the new exposure bracketing browser - saving you a lot of time! For when you are in a hurry - HDR from a single image: The powerful new engine of HDR projects photo uses the RAW data of a single image from your camera to the greatest effect. As a result you achieve images that have a lot more depth, light and contrast than anything you have seen before when using your camera. Perfect ghosting correction: With the fully automatic deletion of shadows and ghost images it is now possible, for the first time ever, to create HDR images from exposure brackets containing moving objects - with incredibly sharp results.



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