Harvard Reference Generator Tool

Harvard Reference Generator Tool 4.1

AIR widget promotes simplicity when referencing is required.
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The Harvard reference tool/generator supports Adobe AIR, so this makes it a desktop application. This way you would not need to constantly go online to look for tool, it will sit with some of your applications and will appear when required. Unlike most tools this developed exclusively for students by a student so its free and quick. It is an Adobe licenced product which makes them the mediator and that way it it guaranteed to have NO MALWARE, or Viruses. Its FREEWARE so no charge at all. We do not harvest your machine, but we are happy to recieve your feedback. The reference tool makes sure that the reference is accurate as improper reference may make the reader think you are thieving some one elses work. The education body refers to this as plagiarism and its classified as a serious offence and so this application makes sure that its not the case

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