HandBrakeBatch 2.25

This program enables you to convert video files to various output profiles.
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Cesare Tagliaferri

This program uses the engine of HandBrake (an open-source video converter) allowing its users to convert video files in batch mode to various profiles supported by Apple devices. You can work with this application whenever there's an incompatibility issue between your videos and the Apple device you're using (iPhone, iPod, Apple TV, etc.).

You can select as many input files as you require, choose from various output profiles, and change the conversion order for the loaded videos. There's also an option which, once enabled, automatically deletes source files once the conversion process is complete.

In my testing, the app didn't take long to offer the results and the output quality was excellent.

The program lets you choose from various output profiles compatible with Apple devices without leaving to understanding which are the actual presets. To my disappointment, this app supports only two output formats (MP4 and M4V) - you can select the desired output format from the Preferences menu.

To summarize, my belief is that it's not worth installing this app on your Mac unless you need to convert videos to M4V file format. Even though the program is open-source and offers quality results, it brings only one output format and doesn't let you select individual profiles for the input files.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Easy-to-use
  • Supports drag-and-drop action and batch processing
  • Works with various video formats (input only)
  • Provides you with quality results


  • Supports only two output format (M4V and MP4)
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