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Grumpy Snowmen 3.1

Grumpy Snowmen is an arcade game designed for Mac.
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Grumpy Snowmen is an arcade game developed by students from the Michigan State University. Your objective is to aim and shoot at the snowmen to eliminate them from the scenes. The less objects you use to destroy the snow figures, the higher your final score gets.

The app provides you with an intro clip showing you how to get rid of the grumpy snowmen. You also have access to several instructions at the beginning of the game and whenever there's a new object available for destroying the snowmen.

Another advantage is that you can play in fullscreen or windowed mode. The app also gives you access to several display settings every time you launch Grumpy Snowmen on your Mac.

Once you complete a mission, the app will display the amount of points you won and your rank in the highest scores list. You can replay levels if you're not happy with your results.

My only problem with this arcade game is the fact that it takes a while to reach your targets. To be more exact, after you aim and shoot your ball, you need to wait a bit to see if it eliminates your target or not.

In my opinion, Grumpy Snowmen is the type of game that could come in handy while you're on a break from work. It provides you with various challenges, offers you gameplay instructions, and is free.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Offers you gameplay instructions
  • Keeps track of your highest scores
  • Provides you with various display settings
  • Lets you replay missions


  • Slow gameplay
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