Graphing Calculator 3D

Graphing Calculator 3D 5.1

Advanced grapher for plotting math equations and tables.
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Easy-to-use grapher that plots high quality graphs for 2D and 3D functions and coordinates tables. Graphing equations is as easy as typing them down. Both cartesian and polar coordinates are supported as well as parametric equations and inequalities. Graphs are beautifully rendered with gradual colors, shadows, lighting, reflection and transparency effects. Rotating the graphs is surprisingly fast and easy by simply dragging the mouse. The intuitive user-interface is designed with frequency of use in mind. Equations are instantly plotted as you type them down after each key stroke. Value table for x-y-z coordinates can be generated, modified and re-plotted instantly.
What's new in this version:
Version 5.1 has support for implicit equations and scatter graphs.

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