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Go to Study is the digital version of a school timetable.
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Go to Study is the digital version of a school timetable. With this application, the students have the opportunity to organize their school-related activities, so they can know at any moment what disciplines they study on each day of the week, which lessons correspond to each discipline, and whether there is any homework to prepare for the next days.

The utility has a clear-cut and easy-to-use interface. First, you need to configure the database of your timetable by entering information about teachers and disciplines. You can save the name of the teachers, their phone numbers, the disciplines they teach, and the corresponding lessons. You can save templates for lessons, which can be tagged with suggestive colors and adjusted in terms of start time, class duration, and daily, weekly, or monthly recurrence. Once all settings are done, the app showcases your timetable in a clear view within the main window. The timetable can be saved as JPEG, PNG, and TIFF image for easily printing, sharing, or storing at a specific computer location.

In short, Go to Study is a handy planner that helps you save information about school activities and duties. It is easy to configure and can be edited at any moment. However, what is really unpleasant about this program is the annoying ads that block the tool for almost 20 seconds, the moment you are about to save important settings. What is more, if you intend to let the ads run in the background, the countdown stops and will resume when you make the window active in the foreground.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Stores school-related information in timetable format
  • Can save lesson templates
  • Ability to tag lessons
  • Supports setting rules for recurrent lessons


  • Annoying ads delay the tool's launch
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