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Practice the guitar while listening to the original song.
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Go PlayAlong helps you learn and practice your skills as a guitarist. The tool has a nice interface that lets you play along recorded music in MP3, M4A and WAV formats, as the songs are flawlessly synchronized with the tabs.

It is possible to add new songs by searching for the score as well as the original audio. In this respect, the tool supports downloading them from Internet databases, such as Guitar Pro and Power Tab. Fortunately, there are several modes you can use this tool to practice. For instance, you can slow down or loop a given fragment. Moreover, there are other features to help you, including metronome and count-in.

It is good news that this application can also synthesize music using SoundFont technology. Moreover, as you build your own catalogue, it is possible to share your songs with your friends, colleagues and students, thanks to the tool’s easy integration with cloud data storage services. An additional advantage of sharing is that it allows multiple musicians to practice the same song together, as each of them can load the desired music on their devices.

To conclude, Go PlayAlong is a very popular among musicians and learners. It contributes to motivating them as it allows playing along with the original songs. Regrettably, some of the scores may contain some wrong cords, but these problems are easy to fix. The product is shareware but it can be tried

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  • Perfect syncing between the score and the recordings
  • Lets you create and share catalogs
  • Allows an entire band to rehearse the same song
  • Customized score rendering
  • Multiple practice tools


  • Some songs may contain errors



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