GLUON Cropster 8.0

Quark crop, fold, reg, arrows, doc cropping.
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The professionals' choice for setting up mechanical and page markings. This powerful XTension will set up crop marks, guides and dimension arrows for bleed, trim, safety (live area), folds and page gutters. Color-coded guides and precise dimension arrows, registration marks, colorbars, etc. make any mechanical air-tight and ready for production. Cropster enables the choice of centering on a page to facilitate double sided printing, and it features user definable presets. Also use cropster to add crops to a selection or trim document size to a selection (crop the XPress document). Use Cropster and you'll see why it is the industry standard for setting up electronic mechanicals.
What's new in this version:
Used to create professional layouts with marks, dimension arrows, guides & more! Can even "crop" documents.



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