Geo-Calc 2.0

Work with measurements of various geometrical shapes.
2.0 (See all)
Calculate areas, perimeters, sides, angles, and other geometrical parameters of 2D and 3D shapes, including spheres, rectangles, triangles polygons, etc. Review a paper tape of previous calculations for each shape and view renderings of the measured shape drawn to scale.

Geo-Calc works out all the measurements (area, perimeter, sides, angles) of common geometric shapes. A scaled drawing of each calculated shape is shown with a graph paper background in one drawer, while another shows a history of your previous calculations. A definition of each shape and the different ways to perform the calculations is also provided. Geo-Calc's shapes include an ellipse, rectangle, triangle, trapezium, parallelogram, polygon, prism, cylinder, cone, pyramid and sphere.

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