FunBridge 2.6

Funbridge, your new bridge club on your mac.
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Funbridge, your new bridge club on your mac.
Already over 150 000 players and more than 200 000 deals played everyday !
Funbridge is a bridge game. It enables you to play deals at your own pace, when you feel like it, and rank yourself among hundreds of players (and your friends also) that played the same deals you played under the same conditions (in fact, you are playing with 3 computer players and this is the same for all players). You can review other players game (bidding and card play), replay hands, follow up in real time your score evolution and even pause a hand you are playing to resume it later. On each deal, you are compared to other players and it is possible to review how other players played making Funbridge the ideal tool to progress.
- New daily tournaments every 2 hours
- Ranking tournaments and unlimited training deals
- Challenge your friends in a 1 on 1, 5 deals tournament.
- Ranking system dispatching players into series with evolution between the series
- 2 players mode to train with friends, with 2 computers at the table
- Editing of your profile and consultation of others'
- Possibility of viewing the bidding again as well as every player's play of the hand !
- Per pairs and IMP notation tournaments
- Setting of your bidding conventions (North plays the same bidding system that the one you choose on your settings: strong 2, weak 2, American Standard (SAYC), Acol system or Polish system)
- Help for your biddings during the game by displaying, on each bidding at the table, the points and the assumed distribution of colors (range of the number of cards per color)
- Searching of players, following of players and friends requests
- Filter on the rankings to display only the players you follow and your friends, to compare with them.

Warning: Funbridge needs an Internet connection. Why? Simply because the game engine (the artificial intelligence playing bridge with you) is not present in the app. Thanks to that can have a game engine much more efficient. Moreover, it let us improve permanently the game engine without you having to update your app.

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