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Fun Photo Cube 1.0

Fun Photo Cube is a graphics editing tool that lets you create 3D photo cubes.
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Fun Photo Cube is a graphics editing tool that lets you create 3D cubes with your photos that you can later print. The app produces very good-looking cubes and it is very easy to use. All you should do is to drag-and-drop the photos that you want to use in your cubes. After you have done that, you will see what the cube looks like before it is assembled. There are in-depth instructions how to assemble the cube both on the screen and in a separate help guide.

There are three types of photo cubes available. The first one, called Easy Photo Cube, received that name because it is the easiest one to assemble. It is also the smallest one of the three but it produces some excess paper. The second cube, called Big Photo Cube, produces bigger cubes, less excess paper and it is a bit harder to assemble. Lastly, we have Classic Photo Cube that's stated to be between the other two in terms of size and assembly difficulty.

All of the photos that you add to use on your cubes can be resized and dragged to fit their corresponding slots in the cubes. They can also be rotated and there are some graphic effects that you can apply to them.

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