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Fruit Link Go 1.5

FruitLinkGo is a nice game in which you must link identical fruits.
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FruitLinkGo is a nice game in which you must link identical fruits in order to eliminate them from the board. However, the linking lines must be no more than three and they cannot touch other images. The idea is that you clear the board to win the level and the faster you connect fruits, the higher your score will be.

The game includes three modes: Classic, Timed and Hell. Classic mode is the above mentioned game and you need to play this mode first to unlock the levels in the other modes. In Timed mode, you play the same game as in Classic mode, but you have a certain time to clear the board. Finally, in Hell mode, every time you connect two fruits, they are eliminated from the board but a new one is added, so the game becomes longer. Classic mode includes four difficulty levels to choose from. In all the modes, you have limited hints (which reveal the location of a possible match), bombs (which automatically eliminate one pair), and shuffle (which shuffles the board). The game offers lovely colorful backgrounds with nice graphics and sounds, and very pleasant music with multiple tracks.

To tell the truth, FruitLinkGo is an enjoyable and challenging game.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Enjoyable and challenging
  • Four difficulty levels
  • Three modes
  • Free


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