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Frontline Commando is a freemium over-the-shoulder shooter game.
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Frontline Commando is a freemium over-the-shoulder shooter game. The player has a choice of weapons and missions before combat, and can shuttle between different points of cover during combat. Missions vary in objective, but mostly involve shooting and killing waves of Middle Eastern men.

As far as freemium games go, FC is pretty enjoyable. Each point of cover is progressively destroyed by enemy fire, making it increasingly hard to avoid damage. Enemy snipers, rocket launchers, and combat vehicles are also thrown into the mix. The resulting difficulty is balanced by sluggish adversaries, who stand in front of you for a good few seconds waiting to be shot before making their move, as well as the ability to choose which mission to attempt, enabling avoidance of the most challenging.

Unfortunately, you might not find the game so fun if you care at all about stereotype portrayal in video games. If a game is going to so overtly contrast the ethnicity of hero and enemy, it should at least provide a good reason for doing so, plot-wise. There's no good reason it can't; the highly similar Contract Killer 2, another freemium game published by Glu, provides both more variety in enemies and locales and a more coherent backstory.

Sam's Protip: Although headshots increase the amount of damage dished out, they're not guarantees of instant kills. This aspect, and the general underpowering of free weaponry, serves as promotion for the more powerful arsenal available with premium purchases.

Sam Lloyd
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  • Variety of objectives through mission choices
  • Choices of cover and weapon make for strategic gameplay


  • Stereotyped characters may make you sigh
  • Enemies are a little too predictable
  • Premium aspect is hard to avoid
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