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Friendly for Facebook is a desktop client for Facebook. The application has been currently released and it is offered for free for a limited time. With this app, you can keep an eye on Facebook on your Mac without having an open web browser. There are other interesting features as well that enhance the Facebook experience.

Friendly for Facebook can display your Facebook account in two different ways. There is the standard view, which looks pretty identical to what you see on your web browser and a mini view, which basically reduces Facebook to a gadget that moves to the right part of the screen. The mini mode uses the mobile version of Facebook, the one you see on your mobile devices, like the iPhone and other mobile phones. It works really well and it condenses all your information in a neat way.

Some of the interest features of Friendly for Facebook comes with Drop to Share and Photo Zoom among others. The former allows you to drag photos onto the app to share them with your friends and the latter allows you to quickly be able to zoom a photo by placing your mouse over it.

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