Friendlier Claris It

Friendlier Claris It 1.1

auto message filing for Entourage X/2004
1.1 (See all)
Rob Buckley

This AppleScript automatically sorts email received and sent in Entourage X/2004, intelligently determines the sender or the recipient(s) of the message and can then Create folders in Entourage for the mail messages based on user preferences. It takes advantage of nicknames, categories, companies, departments and groups to do this and offers a large number of options for configuration. Automatically save files attached to messages in a central folder or in sub-folders, adding links at the top of the emails to the files which it has removed. The links are clickable and will automatically open attachments with file extensions. You can have Friendlier Claris It! delete the files from the messages, saving you space in your email database. It also keeps long filenames intact and is file extension-aware. Manage Spam -- you can designate email senders and whole domains as senders of junk emails so that any future mail from them is automatically deleted
What's new in this version:
Added support for Exchange servers in Office 2004 Better handling of characters when encoding URLs Bug fixes: some Hotmail/IMAP issues fixed; prefices for In and Out folder now handled correctly in configuration app

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