French Words for Kids - Learn to Pronounce and Write French Words with Dictée Muette Montessori 1.5

This kids game allows to learn to spell and pronounce 240 French words.
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This kids game allows to learn to spell and pronounce 240 French words.
It also allows kids to listen to the word in both French and English, making it the perfect tool to learn vocabulary in both languages. French Words for Kids is a top app that offers a complete approach to spelling by integrating audio, visual and sound.
It features:
★ 240 word-picture-audio combinations to learn to spell and pronounce French words
★ Words have been chosen according to their phonetic difficulty and are classified accordingly, starting with words that are very easy to spell - 3 levels of difficulty
★ The sound associated to a letter (phonic) is played when touching the letter - a great way to become familiar with spoken French
★ Letters sounds and words are read aloud by a Native French speaker
★ English audio is also provided for each word - American native speaker
★ Based on a spelling activity from the Montessori method, using a Movable Alphabet to spell words of increasing difficulty by associating the phonetic sounds of letters with their written symbol
★ 21 fun and interactive visual effects to play with when a word has been completed!
★ A standalone Mobile Alphabet is also provided to build all the words you want and play with letters!
★ 3 types of letters are provided : cursive, lowercase and capital print
★ Solutions are available on-demand by touching a label

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