Free Video Cutter Joiner

Free Video Cutter Joiner 4.0

Split, merge, and otherwise edit video files.

Cut large video files and remove unwanted parts, combine split clips, etc. Work with all common formats like AVI, MPEG, MP4, WMV, 3GP, FLV, etc. Customize output parameters of the created videos such as the framerate, size and resolution of the files, etc.

This application offers an easy and convenient solution to cut and join video files. On the one hand, it helps you remove unwanted parts of a video recording, such as commercials, advertisements, trailers, or any movie scene you want to cut off from a movie. On the other hand, it allows you to bind several small clips into one larger file in order to take advantage of a continuously-playing video file experience.

Free Video Cutter Joiner comes with a clear-cut, straightforward, and highly intuitive interface. It is divided into two separate modules that correspond to the program's main functions. The cutting mode allows you to insert the start and the end points of the scene you want to remove. This task can be done with maximum accuracy, as you are provided with the ability to set temporal coordinates with millisecond precision. Once the video segment you intend to cut off has been determined, a secondary window opens up, offering you the chance to customize sensitive video and audio parameters, like the quality and size, or the bit and the sample rates. It seems that the utility also works as a video converter, as it lets you output the resulting file into a format different from the original – namely, you can choose among popular video formats, such as MP4, AVI, FLV, WMV, MOV, and MKV.

While the cutting mode provides you with a preview of the imported file, the joining module lacks this feature. You can merge as many short clips as you want and save the output file choosing from the same range of video file types available for the cutting option, along with identical video and audio adjustments as those described above.

The program operates in good conditions, with no unexpected blockages or errors. Still, if you load an audio file accidentally, the application simply freezes – when this happens, you need to close the app and reopen it again to keep on using it.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Clear-cut and highly intuitive interface
  • Free tool
  • Works as a video converter
  • Millisecond precision in the cutting function
  • Configurable output settings


  • No preview in joining mode
  • It freezes when loading files other than videos accidentally
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