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Free Created for correcting uneven audio levels of WAV and AIFF files.
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Levelator is a utility that is meant to help its users correct the uneven audio levels of uncompressed audio files with the WAV or AIFF extension. The application has a very simple user interface, made up of a single window with no panes, tabs or menus, where the file of interest will be dragged and dropped in order for it to be processed. The output file will be saved in the directory where the input file can be found. For distinction from the input file, its name will be automatically changed so that it ends in output.wav or output.aiff. The application is optimized for speech, hence uneven audio levels from one speaker to another can be corrected. Only audio files that are not structured on more than two channels can be leveled. The utility is fairly easy to use and it does its job fast. However, many users would probably prefer to have some control over the leveling process. For example, having the ability to select a section of the file or to make adjustments during the leveling process could be useful. Fine details such as noise reduction and equalization will be taken care of previously to using Levelator, with a different utility, which is suggested by the developers. Levelator is a piece of software created for correcting uneven audio levels of WAV and AIFF files, with a very simple user interface.

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  • Simple drag and drop functionality
  • Uneven audio levels of uncompressed audio files with the WAV or AIFF extension can be quickly corrected
  • It is free


  • Audio files structured on more than two channels cannot be processed
  • The user has no control over the leveling process
  • Few audio file extensions are supported. The user cannot choose where the output file should be saved


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