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Free application that will reset formatting when using copy / paste actions.
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FormatWatch is a free application designed to allow users to copy webpage content without its actual formatting style. This includes tables, images and works for emails as well as formatted documents. What's more, it actually matches the formatting style of the application you are pasting into.

The utility lies unobtrusively in the menu bar, making it very easy to access and control its enabling and disabling functions.

FormatWatch is quite straightforward to use; simply copy text from a webpage, email or document and paste it in your editor with the application enabled.

Users may opt to start FormatWatch at the login; the application's functionality can be activated and deactivated via the use of a shortcut key which provides an easy way of switching it on and off, according to users' needs.

The program is created to enhance users' productivity when pasting content from formatted sources and does this quite effectively; no longer will you have to manually edit document files: simply copy, paste and let FormatWatch do the rest.

Rory Shaffer
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  • Simple to use
  • Free


  • Lack of filtering settings
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