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Create custom designs for various folders.
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George Lyakhov
Create your own icon designs for each particular folder in the system. Work with one of the available editing modes dealing with image, stamp, text or texture content, adjust the size of all applied effects along with data position, modify the folder and object color.

Folders Factory lets you create designs for your folders. Some users always feel they need to customize their OS to make it look different, and Folders Factory lets you do just that. You can change the color of your folders, add stamps, text, and shapes to them, all from a single window. You can even save your designs to apply them to multiple folders.

Using the application is quite simple, and even if you don't understand it by yourself, there is a very complete screencast that shows how the app is used. You can access it from the help menu or on the developer's website.

When you launch Folders Factory, you will see the default folder icon in one window, and an Inspector pane in a separate window. From the inspector pane you change the settings, which are reflected in the other window in real time. The inspector consists of four tabs: Image, Stamp, Text, Texture. Each of those panes shows different customization options.

I tested the app by doing exactly the same thing that is done in the screencast. I dragged an image to the folder to add it to the design and I changed the background color. Then I dragged a folder to apply that design to it. The only thing that happened to the folder icon is that it changed color. The photo wasn't added. I also tried with text, but no text was added to my folder as well. I am pretty sure that I was following all the steps right.

In conclusion, although this app didn't work for me, it might work for you. I like all the options that it gives you to change the way your folders look.

José Fernández
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  • Lots of options to change folders


  • It didn't quite work for me
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