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Fitness Frenzy is a time-management game in which you set up your own gym.
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Fitness Frenzy is a simple time-management game in which you set up your own gym. Your job is to ensure that your customers get exactly what they want and that they receive help when they request it. This is essential to keep your customers satisfied so that they will leave more tips. All the customers have different patience levels which are represented by the hearts over their heads. When the customer is getting inpatient, he will lose some of these hearts. The first thing to do when customers arrive is to see what they want to do at the gym. At first, as you have only a few machines, they will just want to build up or to get slim. Depending on their desire, you will direct them to the corresponding machine. Sometimes, they will call you to get some help with the machines or with other things.

Every level will have a specific goal that you need to achieve in order to proceed to the next level. You can also surpass that goal, and you will be awarded with extra money. With the money, you obtain every day, you will be able to buy new machines or upgrade the existing ones, and also buy other things to make your gym look better. Unfortunately, the game only includes one mode, graphics as well as sounds are very simple, and the music is rather annoying.

To conclude, Fitness Frenzy is an enjoyable time-management which does not really have anything original or impressive. However, if you like this kind of games, it still can be a nice choice.

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  • Nice theme
  • Lots of things to buy


  • Unoriginal
  • Simple graphics and sounds
  • Annoying music
  • Only one mode

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The game is dull. Just a waste of time and money.

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