Firebox Desktop

Firebox Desktop 2.1

Access an encrypted database for iPhone data.
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Work in the Mac version of the data management suite. Access the toolset for editing and direct syncing or merging of individual items, perform bulk processing of data, check the status of the entire database, set passwords, copy and open files, extract info, etc.

Firebox Desktop is the Mac version of Firebox, the popular encrypted database for the iPhone. Firebox Desktop has full editing, and direct syncing/merging with Firebox iPhone over wifi.
Your password can be different than the iPhone database you sync with, and you can sync between multiple devices.
Firebox uses best-practices encryption, with CBC-mode Blowfish encryption and PBKDF2 strengthened keys.
Edit the sample database to your liking, or define your own.
Firebox iPhone is not required to use Firebox Desktop. It does let you take your information safely along with you, however, and safeguards it if you should lose your phone.
Currently, Firebox Desktop lacks some of the newest features Firebox iPhone has, but it is under active development, and will be at feature parity soon.

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