Filedrop 1.1

A small application to send files between devices via Wi-Fi.
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Filedrop is intended to send files from one device to another wirelessly. Since there are versions for other operating systems, like iOS, Windows and Android, the range of devices you can interconnect is quite wide. In this respect, the only requisite is that they all are connected to the same Wi-Fi network and the app is installed on them.

Filedrop could not have been made any more minimalistic: its main interface looks like a radar screen. It continuously searches for connected devices, although it sometimes fails to discover other devices. In such an event, you can use the target device’s unique code to add it. Once a connection is established, you can start sending data. In this respect, a file can be sent by simply dropping it onto the target device’s icon. Then, a notice will be shown on the recipient device about the incoming data, which requires you to accept the transfer. The files received are automatically stored in your Downloads folder and can easily be browsed by pressing the small button on lower part of the window.

All in all, Filedrop simplifies transferring data between devices. In this respect, it supports a much longer list of devices than that of those allowed by AirDrop (Apple’s official app), which can only send files to other Apple devices. Regrettably, the tool does not support connecting via Bluetooth. The alternative is creating your own hotspot, but this may mean an extra complication for some users. The app is free to use, so do not miss the opportunity to try it.

Pedro Castro
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  • No need to use cables
  • Crossplatform
  • Simple to use


  • Does not support Bluetooth connections
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