Filed Documents 1.3

Use Filed Documents to quickly file or trash files.
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Keaten House, Ltd.
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Filing incoming documents, whether they are from a scanner, camera or your downloads folder is tiresome and error prone.
Use Filed Documents to quickly file or trash files, using optional automatic date based filing.

We developed this application to help us manage the scans that our ScanSnap s1300 creates. It does a great job of scanning bills, statements and other documentation, but it basically wants to put all the scans into one folder. With Filed Documents, you can set up a few destination folders to hold all your home and business documents in the right place. It also works great to go through a folder of photos and file them in various folders.

Use this tool with Spot Documents to upload scans and other documents to the correct place. In Spot Documents' preferences add an auto - upload folder for the destination folders that you set up, and Spot Documents will upload your organized documents to your S3 account.

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