FileAssistant 2.6

Intended to facilitate common operations on your files and folders.
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FileAssistant is intended to provide you with an easier way to perform common operations on your files and folders. The tool has a very simple interface onto which you can drag and drop the elements you want to manage. Then, the imported files and folders are shown on a list; moreover, they can be organized based on the time you added them as well as their names, sizes and type.

To facilitate frequent file operations, there is a small icon on the right of each element, which you can click to access a contextual menu. Next, you can choose what to do with the item, which includes viewing, opening in folder, sending to trash, copying and pasting. Fortunately, you can also mark various elements to perform similar operations in batches. It is good to know that the list is synchronized with the actual files and folders, so any change you make is immediately reflected on the other side.

All in all, FileAssistant is an attempt to make such operations as copying, moving and deleting files and folders easier to carry out on Mac. However, I do not see much advantage in using the program. In my opinion, it may make things actually more complicated than using the built-in file manager. Yet, it is possible that you have a different opinion; which is why, I recommend giving it a try to see if it works for you.

Pedro Castro
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  • Supports batch operations
  • Sorts files in many ways
  • Synchronized with the actual elements


  • Does not make the operations any easier
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