File Transfer

File Transfer 3.4

Control and optimize multi-device file exchange.
Transfer data between multiple devices seamlessly. Create an exchange control center on your Mac and copy, paste, relocate files to Windows, iOS, and Android at will. Automatically configure the settings and select separate items or perform the transferring in batch.

Exchange files and folders between multiple devices seamlessly. File Transfer works cross-platform on Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.
It is quick and easy. No configuration required, no need to enter an address to connect. Devices are automatically discovered. Drag folders and files and they are transferred to your devices and computers in seconds. Without iTunes and without USB cable.
File Transfer is not a cloud. Files are transferred directly on your local network. No need to upload your files to the Internet, then download them on any device.
What you can do with File Transfer:
• Send and receive files and folders. Simply drag and drop them into File Transfer or onto its Dock icon.
• Send and receive the contents of your clipboard. Select a text, launch File Transfer, and click on the "Edit > Send Clipboard" menu. Or just type ⌘V.
• Send files, folders, and clipboard from any other application. Select a file in the Finder, a text in TextEdit, or an address in Safari and click on the "Application Name > Services > Send with File Transfer" menu. Or just type ⌘

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