Family Vacation 2 Road Trip 1.0

Join Simmons family on their camping adventure.
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It's been a year since Barb won the convertible sports car on the the price is nice. and the Simmons are getting ready for another Family Vacation. With a family of four, pets and not to mention all of the rain that Seattle gets, the convertible wasn't practical for the family. So they decided to trade it in for an Airstream camper that they're hooking up to the family's SUV and going on a cross-country camping adventure. Once again you'll be asked to help the family pack and get everything they'll need on their trip and then enjoy all that Mother Nature has to offer. Travel through Montana, Idaho, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada and more. Visit some of the most wonderful natural attractions in the world; Yellowstone Park, the Grand Canyon and maybe even catch a glimpse of a UFO near Area 51. Camp out under the stars and get back to nature in this family-friendly Road Trip adventure.



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