FAIRY TOWER is a nice pinball game in which you need to score points.
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FAIRY TOWER is a nice pinball game in which you need to score points by touching certain parts with your ball. When you do that, those parts will be highlighted for a while. However, in this game you will be assigned certain goals that you need to achieve at each level. They could be reaching a certain amount of points, touching certain parts, activating a certain area, among others. There are certain areas which will give you bonus points when you touch them. In some cases, they will double, triple or quadruple your points. The game can be played with up to four players and each player will have three balls. When you loose one ball, the next player has his turn. Of course, the player with more points will win the game.

Unfortunately, the demo version lets you play only one mode and for a couple of minutes. I don't really know if there's an extra mode, or if the game is just that. As you could notice, graphics are pretty good, but everything is a bit dark. Sounds are very realistic and attractive, but the music is very annoying.

To conclude, for what I've seen the game looks good, but as the content shown in the demo version is limited, I think you should try it and see if it works for you.

SM Senior editor
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  • You can play with three other players
  • Attractive graphics
  • Realistic sounds


  • Annoying music
  • Limited content shown in the demo



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