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Facebook Layouts 3.2

Get Layouts, Dislike Button, Music Player, and More for your FB!
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With Social Extras not only can you select a premade layout from our gallery of 50,000 layouts but you can even create your own layouts with our layout editor! Not only can you create your own layout but many more features are available! Get the popular music player where you can search for music directly on your profile. Create your own music playlist! Don't like a status, photo or video? Right next to the Like button is now a Dislike Button! Sick of clicking around pictures to see them in full? Another cool feature is the Photo Hover Zoom! Simply hover the mouse over the image and watch it enlarge without a click! Much more included with new features added weekly! Available for all Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer users!
What's new in this version:
Updated with Facebook Cursors.

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