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F-1 Spirit 1.0

A remake of the classic top-down racing game by Konami.
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F-1 Spirit: The Way to Formula One is a 2D top-down racing game, the unofficial PC remake of the original Konami classic. You can design your own car (the interior, not the appearance) and race it against a horde of AI cars and/or or up to three other players on the same computer. Race courses are unlocked progressively, with just three different courses for starters. The ultimate goal of the game is work one's way up to and become champion of the F-1 circuit.

In single-player mode, your goal is to acquire points in races by placing highly. No easy feat considering that you have overtake every other car in the race, and considering that you'll probably have to stop for a pit stop to refuel and repair damage, which none of your AI counterparts ever needs to do.

Your car has slower acceleration and a higher top-speed than AI opponents, which means it probably wiser to preserve your momentum by driving carefully than to keep the pedal on the metal at all times. If you do crash into something, you do a spectacular flip and explode, but your game isn't over unless you've amassed a critical point of damage on a specific region of your car. You do have to resume from a standstill, however, which might be just as much of a game-breaker.

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  • Multiplayer supported for up to four on the same computer
  • Fun to play if you can manage to stay in the race


  • Pit stop necessity makes the game very challenging
  • Window is rather small, particularly for multiplayer mode
  • High system requirements if it's raining in multiplayer mode
  • Impossible to pit stop without cars crashing into you from behind
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