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EZSwitch is an application that can be used as a power switch for your computer.
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EZSwitch is a tiny and simple application that can be used as a power switch for your computer.
If you want to know why you would need another application to turn off your computer when this is a basic Macintosh option, the answer is simple: EZSwitch allows you to cancel your actions within a given time limit, with just one click.

EZSwitch can work as a shutdown timer too, if you have some background running operations. Keep in mind, though, it is not recommended to use this tool while watching a movie, for example, because once the countdown is on, a black band will appear on your screen and the screen visibility will be reduced. In other words, EZSwitch doesn't have a quiet operating mode. Even more, it can also play a warning sound while counting down the remaining seconds, if you choose so.

Besides shutting down your system, EZSwitch can also restart and log off your computer. For each possible operation, the user has the possibility to assign a hotkey combination.

All in all, EZSwitch might be an approachable solution for somebody who is looking for a power switch and countdown application.

Josephine Seaman
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  • The possibility to cancel an operation
  • Menu bar integration


  • When the countdown is ON the screen visibility is reduced
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