eXpertSystem+eXpertLingo 7.1

brainstorming, creativity & presentation

Are you ready to discover the future of brainstorming and creativity software?
Are you a writer, advertising creative, run R&D or an executive in need of new, fresh and innovative ideas?
Do you need a solution that enables your creativity, presents you with a wealth of up-to-date textual and media resources, and allows you to save your ideas in an environment as flexible as your mind... but is more organized than your assistant?
Then look no further.
We've spent the last five years drawing on our experience from our nearly 20 years in creative software development to craft a solution that will expand your thinking quickly and elegantly; with plenty of room to grow. Whether innovator, visionary creative, teacher, pastor, writer, CEO, coach or consultant, eXpertSystem will help solve your creative challenges, and enhance your ability to communicate with others; in the same room and across the globe. With your brand intact and up-front.
eXpertSystem and its built-in eXpertLingo associative thinking tool, are completely integrated innovation tools that work together in perfect harmony; one the creative wild-child, the other the fast, friendly collector and assembler of the creative process.
Together they effortlessly tap a unique database of 144,000+ words, phrases and colloquialisms and marry them to an easy to use interface for exploring and collecting your thoughts without getting in the way of your creative process. In addition, we've also piped in a 250,000+ image database to give you keyword-empowered pictures to add dynamic inspiration to any creative process. Finally, we've tapped dozens of "thought leaders" in over 100 areas of specialty to add their seasoned thinking processes to eXpertSystem. The result is a combination freeform creativity tool and a linear processing product, as well as a presentation and sharing tool that helps tie your name and brand to your innovations. With eXpertSystem, no one will ever say, "they stole my idea."
This modern cross-platform solution gives creative power to both Mac and Windows users. eXpertSystem works with the most popular operating systems as a springboard and warehouse for your ideas, thoughts, and creations. And eXpertSystem is eminently expandable through its modular design. Look for new modules in the coming months that address industry-specific needs: advertising professionals, business strategists, creative writers, script and screenplay authors and even SEOs. The modular design means you pay only for what you need, and that third-party developers can harness the power of the eXpertSystem platform to suit their own target audiences.
eXpertSystem also acts as a virtual file cabinet. In addition to putting a vast wealth of resources at your fingertips, it allows you to create, manage, and store information in a way you always knew you wanted and needed, but until now was impossible to find in a single application.
Features And Benefits: eXpertSystem works by triggering your internal associative thinking through expert questions, words, images and web links. 144,000 word and phrase reference engine quickly expands on your ideas. Over 9,000 PhD and MBA-developed queries and questions to prompt the user in over a dozen areas of expertise. MacOS X and Windows XP compatible. Finds the 30 most popular web searches, and their keyphrases, from a single word or phrase entry. 250,000 (and growing) image database triggered by your words, ideas and keyphrases. Brainstorming sessions are saved as shareable files (viewable by the free downloadable viewer), in print (through a brandable and copyright marked page) or with the onscreen Slideshow viewer. One-click access to synonyms, hypernyms, descriptions, associations, Google searches and image galleries all within the eXpertLingo microbrowser. Instantly click any image or phrase into your Session. Password-protect any Session to limit access and protect your ideas. Your name and/or logo and copyright notice on all your sessions provides marketing/branding and idea protection. Create a powerful slideshow presentation in minutes, with images, expert content, quotes, references and your own comments.
eXpertSystem won't replace your mind for creating great ideas and sharing them with others. But it could be the catalyst that brings more ideas faster, and provides the creative inspiration you need when your well is running dry.
Download the free demo, and load the free Session file. Type a few words, lookup some images and begin freely brainstorming, while watching your ideas take shape in a clean, linear presentation. Effortlessly. That's what eXpertSystem will do for you.
What's new in this version:
Added (finally) the huge 1,000,000+ word association database, fully cross-referencedNow over 400,000 images with keywordsNew help screensImproved product registration error correctionPhrase and coloqualism database integratedfull and partial phrase matchingEnhanced eXpertContent Modules with images and web links. Added current references. Faster, easier development of Session Setup

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