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ESCAVE Free is a very basic puzzle game for the Mac.
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ESCAVE Free is a very basic puzzle game for the Mac. In this game, you play a road minner who needs to escape a cave. In each puzzle, you push logs around to put them on top of switches. In the first few levels, there are two switches that you need to press, but as you complete puzzles, the number of switches will increase. There are 30 puzzles in total, and you complete puzzles in order to unlock more levels. You control the miner with the arrow keys on your keyboard. The number of moves that you make on each level is counted and recorded, and the less moves, the better. After you complete a level, you will be told if you did well or not based on the number of moves that you made. In my case, I got a "Bad" mark in each level that I played. The difficulty of the puzzles lies in the fact that you can pull logs, all you can do is to push them. So once you pushed a log to one of the walls, you can't move it any more. Thankfully, there is an undo button that lets you go back a number of steps.

In short, ESCAVE Free is a simple and basic puzzle game. It can be challenging and there are 30 levels that you can play for free.

José Fernández
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